Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anniversary and more

So I've really been slacking in my blog. The mothers survived their weekend together as did we. Dare I say it, everyone had a pretty good time. On Monday, Becca and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary together. We went to Cowboys and Turbans in Silverlake.  The vegetarian samosa was by far the hit of the night with a side of spicy masala sauce. We also ordered the Indian Dali, Tofu Masala, and Channa Saag.  All three were good but way too much food so we ended up taking most of it home. Sadly, none of these dishes heated up particularly well so my advice to anyone is to eat all they can while still at the restaurant. We also brought our own beer because the restaurant is still working on getting a liquor license.

Mostly all week I have stuck with my usual haunts, Native Foods and Whole Foods. I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, or rather listening to the book on tape for my long commute to work (about an hour each way).  While the narrator sounds pompous, there's a lot of interesting information in this book. Since I'm allergic to corn, it's amazing to learn all the other things derived from corn. No wonder I can never quite get rid of all my skin rashes! I am armed with more information to combat the factory farm/business as usual mentality.

This weekend I am heading back to my hometown for my 10 year high school reunion. I still can't believe it has been 10 years. I remember when that seemed old. I thought by 27 I would be an established screenwriter with perhaps a boyfriend. I was actually hoping to be dating Conor Oberst so that I could take him to my hometown and drive all the girls crazy that I dated such a sensitive musician. Alas, I return with my girlfriend, who actually does resemble Conor in that picture, and a job as an assistant albeit at a major production company. Here's the thing about my hometown, most of them don't even know what a prodco is or what we do. All they care about is if you work for Microsoft so this will be interesting. I look forward to seeing those that I haven't seen in awhile and maybe forgiving a few people that were awful to me.  Who knows? I'll prolly stay so drunk that I don't even notice half my class. All I know is that it will be nice to get out of LA for a bit and spend some time in a state full of green.

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