Friday, July 2, 2010

Whole Foods Brentwood

So I didn't really feel like eating the vegan potpie that I have resting in the freezer. Instead I wanted to check out the vegan bbq that Whole Foods is putting on. My almighty blogger Quarry Girl mentioned that the WeHo WF definitely had it. I was excited because Brentwood WF goes out of their way to include vegan options as well. Unfortunately they must not have gotten the memo about vegan barbeque. There were some items but not the bounty that Quarry Girl spoke about.

I made the best of things and ordered a vegan burger. My major issue with this is that they do not warm up or grill the buns. This drives me crazy. What's the point of heating up the vegan patty only to put cold toppings on it and include a cold bun. I had to scarf this in my car just to have it sorta warm...ok ok I ate the entire thing in my car because I was starving. Anyway next they don't have pickles. I asked for some and they just sorta stared blankly at me before saying, "Uh no." I paid an extra dollar for avocado, which feels a bit pricy when someone can get a meat sandwich for $6.99 but I have to pay almost $8 for a vegan burger...I'm just sayin'.  I don't have a picture because there was nothing too special about this burger. If you've seen one veggie burger, you've seen them all.

Next I got the vegan antipasta. It had thick pieces of well-cooked tofu with bell peppers, eggplant and asparagus. Sadly the whole thing was very bland. I was hoping for a little spicy kick or maybe a balsamic sourness. However, this was basically just grilled veggies tossed in some olive oil. Not to sound ungrateful because I'm excited to see Whole Foods take it one step further and really embrace veganism, but come on add some flava to it!

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