Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kansas New Year

So like last year, I joined Becca in Kansas for New Year.  I was thankful that her mother took her to Whole Foods in Kansas City before returning home to Lawrence so there was Gardein Seven Grain Chicken Tenders, Daiya cheese, whole wheat bread (albeit enriched) and Earth Balance.  I knew I wouldn't be in a total vegan wasteland.  However, one gets tired quickly of grilled cheese and chicken nuggets, not to mention my daily vegetable and fruit intake quickly raced to near zero.  Shock of all shocks that I am now sick because my body was unable to detoxify all the liquor and late nights.  So it goes for the new year.  This only reminds me why I must fully dedicate myself to veganism and caring for myself, even if that means making others uncomfortable.

I will say however that I got some kickass cheese-less veggie pizza from some place called Pizza Shuttle at 2 o'clock in the morning.  They make personal sized pizzas that were delicious and soaked up some of my new year's good cheer.

All in all, Kansas wasn't nearly as bad as I expected when it came to vegan food.  I think I was already starting to get sick so I had little to no appetite.  This helped when it came to choosing food since I didn't ever really want to eat (should have been red flag #1 that I was getting sick).  Mostly I stuck to Thai food since it's the healthiest and most vegan friendly option I could find.  I'm saddened to say that I couldn't try any of Yellow Subs on New Year's Day because they were not open :(

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