Friday, April 15, 2011

Martha's Vineyard Detox

So I'm soooo very excited because I'm going to detox.  This is something I've been passionate about for awhile but never found the time to do.  Partly this is because Becca does not love the idea of me not cooking for her and partly because I never made it a must rather than a should (obviously I've been listening to Tony Robbins!)  I discussed it with Becca and informed her that she would either have to fend for herself for dinner for a week or eat much pureed soup with me. I think even if she only detoxes partially, that's still a win for her!

So basically the detox is all about fresh, live juices and pureed soup.  No chewing!  I'm excited to get started even if it's not the most comfortable thing in the world.  While I'm excited to possibly lose some weight, I mostly want to detox my body and realize what it feels like to be 100% healthy and clean.  There are several ways to do the detox.  The hardcore go for 21 days but I just didn't think that felt reasonable. Instead I am doing the 7 day detox with 3 day comedown as you have to break the fast in a very specific manner.  I started on the Superfoods Green Drink supplement already just to add some nutrients to my day and it's surprisingly ok.  Obviously I'm still eating solid food so I don't know what kind of hunger I will face, but I am definitely starting to practice.  I dusted off my juicer and have been concocting all sorts of potions.

I guess I'm writing about it now because I'm excited to begin, though not until after my sister's wedding on April 30, but also to hold myself accountable.  I don't know if anyone really reads this blog, but if you do, I promise to start my detox on May 2nd and blog about each day.  How I feel, what's going on, etc.  Can't wait for this journey, especially since it means no alcohol or anything.  Yikes! Let's see how it goes.

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