Thursday, February 17, 2011


I usually don't take to my blog to air grievances but if I don't put it somewhere, I may just explode.  If people do not want to read negativity, step away from this post and don't look back.  I warned you.

Ok so here's the thing. I work for a millionaire, possibly on the verge of being a billionaire.  And by I work for him, I mean I work for his company, not him specifically (thank God).  Now he has a ridiculous amount of money and yet pays his employees (or at least the assistants) barely anything.  This would be forgivable since most entertainment industry companies do the same, but he's constantly harping on us to "work for our money."  I'm sorry but In and Out Burger employees make roughly the same amount of money as I do, so if he'd like a double double, then sure maybe I could find a way to whip it up (not really because it makes me nauseous to think about).  However, when he requests that since his assistant is busy running to get him a latte (that he pronounces lottie), I go gas up his car, this is when I draw a line.  My days of coffee gophering ended in college and I have no intention to go back there.  Oh and this is compounded with the fact that he doesn't remember my name...EVER.  I've been here for nearly a year AND share the same name as one of our executives so seriously how hard is it to remember?  There are a total of three women that work here so it's not like he just can't keep us straight.  Finally, he never, not once, shuts the fucking door. I'm sorry but seriously how hard is it to close the door?  It rained all day yesterday so it was cold out (I know I know, LA cold is nothing compared to say Michigan cold but I don't care).  He just leaves the door open then complains that it's chilly inside.  He asks "will one of you girls shut the door" as if a. us "girls" should be responsible for closing the door and b. he had nothing to do with the wide open door in the first place.  Ugh. It sounds trite, I know it does.  But these are the little things that drive me up the wall.

If you thought the boss man was a dick, however, that's nothing compared to the girl I share my office with.  Now I know there is a certain level of hypocrisy here since I'm whining at this very moment, but this girl never stops complaining.  I try to be a fairly positive person so it's hard to deal with such a cryptic personality.  She had a shitty old computer that they wouldn't replace so I get being annoyed when she couldn't do something as simple as open a YouTube link.  However, she has since gotten a new computer and she complains whenever a page doesn't open instantly; meanwhile she has 10 programs all open. She also has bad hygiene, which is weird because lots of boys seem to like her.  Sometimes she shows up all gussied up in heels and skirts, which look good but she doesn't wash her hair which ruins the whole effect.  Oh and she comes from a big agency so she's got a lot of friends willing to slip her scripts, books and information.  She often looks like a rock star here.  Am I jealous?  I guess a little bit because I work hard, read as much as possible, but still come out looking like I've got no juice in this town.  I don't know who she blew to get so many people willing to do her favors, but it must have been killer.  She got the first Oscar screeners so by the time I got some, they were old news.  She has moles at her old agency that will tell her about upcoming projects so she looks ahead of the curve.  And she never misses an opportunity to call me out if I know something.  Like I heard about a pitch going out today and she glommed on saying, "Oh yea, I heard about that yesterday but there's already producers attached."  I just stared daggers at her because I friggin' knew that.  I was about to say that to my boss but she had to make sure that she was the one that appeared to have all the information. Blah.

Ok I'm done.  My breathing has returned to normal and I am going to be ok.  I know there are bigger problems in the world than these but I seriously don't want to let this shit linger in my mind.  I'm over it.  I just need to keep looking ahead.  Soon it will be September and I will be getting married.  Then I will look for and score an amazing new job. It. Will. Happen.

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