Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Follow Your Heart

Ok, so double posting today.  So after my Portland extravaganza, I flew back to LAX and went directly to Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park.  I had a Groupon there that was going to expire so I called Becca and we had our reunion there.  We had been there once before so we were excited to get a couple of classics and try a couple of new things.  First off, we ordered the Nachos (no pic since I am allergic and Becca scarffed them) and the Lorenzo Tofu Eggwich.  It's listed as: A Grilled Scrambled Tofu Pattie, Tomato and *Pastrami* Wheatmeat, with Avocado and Vegenaise® on our Homemade English Muffin. Served with Potatoes or Fresh Fruit.  We opted to have it with the fruit.  This is my second time eating this sandwich and I was not disappointed.  I don't know how they make that tofu egg patty but it is scrumptious. 

Next, Becca ordered the Reuben, which I didn't get a good enough picture of.  She commented that it was on the sour side but I thought it was fab.  I love sauerkraut so I didn't mind the tartness one tiny bit.  I ordered the Wok Stir Fry: fresh Vegetables and Organic Tofu, Stir Fried with Garlic, Ginger and Tamari. Served with Organic Brown Rice.  It was also fantastic.  I ate all my leftovers yesterday at lunch time and they held up very well.  Just take a look at the quantity and variety of veggies.  I recently read that the average American gets 2 servings of vegetables.  They say to shoot for 5 on the food pyramid but in reality, we are meant to get 9 (yep NINE) servings daily.  How many would you guess that is?

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