Thursday, August 18, 2011

Around the world with greens

Ok so I've obviously failed the blog challenge so I'm back to just posting bout food!  So last night I decided to cook, which is bad because it's been awhile.  I made Kenyan Kale and Tomatoes, garlic broccoli and then a tofu shallot salad from Whole Foods.

I know it all looks the same on the plate but all three flavors are distinctive and awesome. The kale and tomatoes were soft and delightful whereas the broccoli was still crispy and pungent and the salad is my favorite one at WF because the dressing is sweet with a tiny hint of spice. Both the dishes I cooked were really easy to make.  I decided to make this meal because I knew that Becca would most likely shrug at mere kale and tomatoes as a full meal.  Though she's basically vegetarian now, she still has a hard time defining a meal as just veggies.  She wants some sort of bread or rice or fake meat to go with it.  I am currently trying to stay as gluten-free as possible so it's been a challenge.

This morning I started the Tracey Anderson Method.  This is a workout series (I'm ignoring the meal plans as even the vegetarian track is dairy-heavy) that has toned the bodies of such celebs as Gwenyth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Shakira.  So far so good.  I'm not too sore so maybe all that personal training is working out after all!  However, I have 31 days before my wedding so only time will tell!

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