Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Nicknames

Ok so today's topic is nicknames.  This at first struck me as silly because I don't really have nicknames then I started thinking of some stories in which nicknames were assigned to me.  My first nickname was merely Britt, though with two t's.  I hate when people write Brit.  My grandmother always does!

But for the far more fun nicknames, I would say that Brat-ney or Bitch-ney were common as a prepubescent and teenager.  In soccer, I was often called Brat-ney because I threw fits if I didn't get my way.  Not much changed as I grew older except we were now allowed to curse.   Regardless, it's not my favorite memory of being such a brat that people labeled me as such.

My favorite nickname is Beerney.  This was given to me by my dear friend during our first year of film school together.  We were hanging out in the boys' dorm watching movies, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.  She meant to say, "Brittany, can you get me a beer?"  Instead she said, "Beerney, can you get me a britt."  It may not sound as righteously funny now but at the time we nearly wet ourselves giggling.  The boys thought we were nuts.  Nevertheless, my friend still calls me Beerny to this day.

Another nickname is Ruger.  I went to Vegas with a few Los Angeles friends to celebrate a birthday party.  On our first day, we went to Starbucks where they massacred all of our names.  Mine came out Ruger.  Still no idea how the baristas managed that one but so it goes... Anyhoo, we decided that our Starbucks names would be our alter egos. Ruger came out many times during the course of that trip, mostly when drunk.  While in a total state of intoxication, I actually threw ranch dressing at my friend.  She still will not let me forget it!  But the highlight of that trip was when we got an accidental text message that read: "Can you take Laylani to church?  She really needs to go."  Obviously Laylani had gotten herself into some trouble and needed Jesus' help.  We sent back a ridiculous reply and then headed to the airport.  It was an epically fun Vegas trip and my friends will still call me Ruger when I drink from time to time.

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