Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today's topic is where I've travelled to and where I want to go still.  This is a toughie because I've traveled around a bit.  My favorite trip was Italy though.  I was 19 and went with my best friend and a class.  I'd never seen such beauty before.  Pictures did not do it justice.  However, because I was with a college, I also didn't hit the town properly.  Italy is a place that I really want to get back to with Becca.  We would do it up right this time!

The funnest/weirdest trip I've had was going to Cannes, France for the film festival.  I volunteered to work and it was an amazing time. I had to find hash for a pretty famous actress, snuck into the Playboy party where I sat on Hef's lap, and lied my way into a number of upscale screenings.  It was fantastic.  However, I also got drunk and lost in the middle of nowhere and had to beg some McDonalds drugdealers to help me find my way.  Lucky I wasn't at least robbed but I had someone looking out for me!  All in all, it was totally worth skipping out on my college graduation.

But I suppose the most important trip I ever made was moving to Los Angeles.  I had visited a couple of times before but didn't know my way around at all.  It took months to get my bearings.  The reason this destination means more than any other is that I met Becca here.  She is my life now and I am so grateful that I was pulled to this city.  For all the douchebags and fakery, LA has become my city.  Sure I miss San Francisco but I'm  not even sure what I would do there now (except go to culinary school which I would TOTALLY do).

Becca and I actually have a long list of places that we want to travel.  The big ones are Hawaii (about to check it off in September!), Amsterdam, Dollywood, and Italy.  I want to show her the landscapes and dart around public transportation and learn to understand a language I don't know.  Oh man, this post just makes my feet itch with the desire to get out of my office.

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