Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pet Peeves

Uh oh this could be a long one!  Today's topic is pet peeves.  I would have to say that as an LA driver, turn signals are one of my biggest pet peeves.  How hard is it to flick a turn signal? For serious people!  Yes, I will ride your ass and no I don't know that you will suddenly slam on your breaks and turn into the In N Out Burger, you fatty.  But if you'd merely turn on a signal then I might be able to anticipate your move rather than skid to a stop just shy of your bumper while simultaneously looking in the rearview for people that may rear end me.  Turn signals are easy.  USE THEM.

Next one is due to the fact that I work in an office for a producer.  I understand that everyone that calls for my boss thinks he/she is the most important person in the universe.  However, if you say, "Hey, this is John" or Adam, Susan, or any other ridiculously common name, DO NOT be offended when I ask you to clarify with a last name.  Please don't say, "Oh he knows me" as I have no doubt that he does.  But I can't very well say, "John on one" without him asking John who.  So do us all a favor and acknowledge that you have a common name just say the full name.  Oh, and to assistants who do this as well.  You are even worse because you are aware how annoying your boss is and still don't supply a last name.

My newest pet peeve, one I didn't even know existed till now, is people that don't RSVP.  I mean, I understand if you get an Evite and don't click Maybe right away but I'm planning a wedding here, people.  Not to sound conceited but you should feel lucky to have been invited.  Believe me, we hacked and hacked at our list until we had something reasonable.  So if you get an invitation, just RSVP back yay or nay.  And do not invite a guest unless it is specified on your invitation.  That's just tacky and rude!

My final pet peeve of the day is a silly one and even I acknowledge this.  However, if I have to read one more celebrity saying that they "don't really exercise, they just eat small meals five times a day" I will set the magazine on fire.  I'm sorry but you have nothing to do all day but interview, cook, exercise and whatever else it is that you do to feel normal.  Here's a secret: THEY ALL EXERCISE.  They all have personal trainers and nutritionists.  They eschew bread, freeze grapes as snacks and always pass up desert unless of course being photographed.  Stop lying about it, celebs.  You only help perpetuate a stereotype and it's not even true!

Alright and scene.  I will now take a deep breath and calm down!  Thanks for listening to me vent :)

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