Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cafe Gratitude

As always, I am supremely late on my blog.  So last Tuesday Cafe Gratitude opened in Larchmont.  Of course I had to rush right over since I loved Gracias Madre, their sister restaurant in San Francisco.  Becca and I met on a very rainy night and raced straight inside.  Our server (Lizzy?) was fantastic and on point all night long.  We each got a glass of wine and started with the I Am Grounded, which are garlic and olive oil roasted potatoes topped with spicy cashew nacho cheese and pink sea salt.  Let me say, it was amazing.  There could have bit a little more bite to the nacho cheese but they were stellar.

Then I asked our server what I should get. I was going to compare two options but the second I said I Am Magical, she was like "Absolutely yes!"  Her enthusiasm totally sold me on their veggie burger, for which they just altered the recipe. First of all, the bread that they use to make the bun is awesome.  Seriously I probably could have eaten a ton of that.  On top, there was lettuce, pickle, onion and a mustard sauce.  The burger has a bean base so it's a bit squishy, which can be disconcerting to some omnivores but I thought it was great.  There was a robust garlic flavor inside and since garlic is my fave, I loved it.

Becca ordered the I Am Transformed taco plate.  I didn't get a picture because I can't eat the corn but she enjoyed it very much. It was two corn tacos with brown rice, black beans, salsa roja, guacamole and the cashew nacho cheese.  It smelled really good.

So of course we couldn't leave without sampling their raw deserts.  I was sold immediately on the tiramisu while Becca opted for the chocolate cream pie.  Let me just say that they were both decadent and delicious.  We practically licked our plates clean!

Another great touch that I love about my new favorite restaurant is the adorable plates.  They each say: What are you grateful for?  This sense of positivity rings true through the entire restaurant.  In fact, when you sit down, they also ask you a question designed to get a conversation flowing.  Our question was: What do you love about new beginnings?   This prompted Becca and me to think about our beginning as a couple and our soon-to-be beginning as a married couple!

Finally, they have a I Am Grateful bowl that offers organic food to anyone in need.  The recommended price is $7 but for $14 you can pay it forward and make sure someone in need gets yummy, organic food.  The bowl consists of quinoa, shredded kale and black beans with a tahini-garlic sauce.  How freaking great is that?  I hope Cafe Gratitude prospers in the Los Angeles!

Cafe Gratitude Los Angeles
Phone (323) 580-6383
639 N. Larchmont BlvdLos Angeles, CA

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