Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I live about a mile from Locali.  I have attended a number of bake sales there and gotten Tofurky pizzas,  but never actually eaten one of their sandwiches.  Believe me when I say that this is a mistake.  Locali sandwiches are A-mazing.  Becca and I were in a hurry to get to Griffith Park to get our hike on, but decided to stop and grab a quick sandwich.  The picture does not do this sandwich justice at all!  First of all, it was ginormous, like a real Reuben.  Next, it had a delicious sour sauerkraut that I wanted to eat every day.  I'm not sure what kind of cheese they used but I assume that it's Daiya.  All in all, this sandwich was so awesome that we ate the entire thing at Locali rather than taking it to go as originally planned.

Soooo of course the following day, when I woke up hungry, where else could I go but Locali!  I ordered the Badass Breakfast Sandwich.  Let me tell you that their vegan sausage is magnificent!  I asked what they use but the server was either unknowledgeable or secretive because he wouldn't tell me.  The maple flavor was good, but I might ask for less next time because I loved the chipotle sauce.  Becca ordered the bagel sandwich and added avocado.  It was great! Plus, it totally counts as at least one serving of vegetables.  Becca always falls short of her goals so I am always happy when she orders something that includes veggies.

So all I can say is that everyone should hustle down to Locali and get their grub on.

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