Friday, March 25, 2011

Veggie Grill Animal Acres Benefit

Ok so what is better than Veggie Grill + Animal Acres = NOTHING.  So Veggie Grill threw a benefit for Animal Acres in which 50% of all proceeds would be donated in order to build a new barn for their animal sanctuary.  Now as you all may know, I LOVE Animal Acres. It is truly a magical place in which you see what the relationship between man and animal could be.  While there are fences separating animals, they have large areas to play and prance.  The birds are able to go just about anywhere.  They show no fear of humans; in fact, most will walk right up to you and knock your hand around for a nuzzle. Chickens, pigs, cows, donkeys, goats -- it doesn't matter.  They all want affection, companionship and a friendly nudge.  It really is amazing to see.

So I obviously went to Veggie Grill to help support Animal Acres (and because their food is pretty amazing).  The second I walked in the door, I was struck by how busy the restaurant was and I realized that THIS is one of the many reasons I went vegan.  A small call-to-arms brought people out in droves. I stood in line with a woman and her omnivorous husband who trekked all the way from Calabasas just to support Animal Acres. That is love. That is community.  That is what honestly made me pause and rub goosebumps from my arms.  In this city, it's easy to be caught up in bullshit, to forget there is a world outside of our insulated Hollywood dramas.  But there is a giant world, one of compassion that inspires me every day.  I know that my choice to be vegan may not save the world, but it's one step closer!  And I've never felt so at peace in my own skin before.  I believe this is because I know that I am living in line with my ideals. It's easy to be cynical.  Hell, I spent years that way, but now I feel a certain lightness.  I won't call it religion or spirituality, but rather knowledge that I am doing something that I believe in.

I haven't heard the official numbers in for monies raised but I hope it's high.  I want places like Animal Acres to thrive.  I can't wait until next weekend when I will go volunteer :)

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