Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gobble Green

So I got a Groupon for GobbleGreen, a vegan company that provides frozen meals.  I've always been curious but it's a hefty price tag. However, for $99 for one week of meals (3 per day plus a snack), I figured it would be worth it to try.  I received my shipment last night.  I was so excited to go through the list.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of corn-based meals.  Sadly you can't specify food allergies.  They do offer gluten or soy free meal plans but there isn't a point in which you can give them preferences or allergies or anything.  Bummer. Hopefully they will work on that in the future.  The other thing is that each meal only has the microwave directions available. I guess that there are oven or stove directions on the website but that's just another step.  While I appreciate the idea of nuking everything in the microwave, I also worry that it may destroy important nutrients in the process.

So I tried my first meals.  I got sweet potato croquettes with spinach, which smelled divine.  The tasting was a tad bland. I wish there was a bit more salt.  Then I had the Festive Siesta Stir Fry.  This was basically seitan, potato and green beans with some spice.  This was pretty tasty, almost buttery.  The seitan doesn't freeze super well though so it fell apart a bit but was still nice.

Finally, I do have a chocolate chip cookie that I put into the 'fridge to defrost.  I actually think that this should be a new weight loss tool.  Like freeze all your desserts and when you want sugar, take one out and put in the refrigerator to defrost.  Wait a couple of hours then taste.  It will at least test will power and help curb cravings. I swear as soon as I knew I was going to eat that cookie soon(ish) I no longer yearned to eat it.  Plus, by the time it thaws I will not be so full.  Yay.

I am looking forward to the rest of my meals this week. We shall see what Gobble Green has up their sleeve.

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  1. Hey Brittany,

    Just found your blog in doing research for complaints against GobbleGreen. My girlfriend made a GobbleGreen order through Groupon as well and it has been a nightmare. The food is either too bland, too dry, too salty, or too sweet. She often ends up adding her own vegetables and sauces to the meals to make their "food" edible. She's trying to get healthy too and thought that buying multiples would get things going but the last shipment we placed took almost a full month to ship out. I've never been able to call and reach someone personally and customer service rarely responds (out of the multiple phone calls and e-mails I've sent out I've only been contacted once). Needless to say, I'm going to be happy reporting this sham of an operation to the BBB. They have been horrible to deal with, food and everything else. Next time try going with a CSA. The food is delivered to your home or nearby business, it's fresh, and you're supporting local farmers with CSA's. GobbleGreen doesn't ship their food Next Day Air even though it's freeze dried so if you're not around to pick up your shipment then you're screwed! Whew. Thanks for letting me vent, it sucks that Groupon doesn't screen their businesses so it means I'll have to be a little more cautious next time. Good luck going vegan!

    - Unhappy in SF