Friday, June 18, 2010

Native Foods

So I'd heard good things about Native Foods but had never really thought much about it. First of all, it's in Westwood, which is an area I try to avoid.  It's packed with students, which makes me feel a mix of nostalgia and jealousy. Let's face it. No one wants to feel old. Secondly, I live in Los Feliz so it doesn't really make sense to travel to the west side for good vegan food when we have Pure Luck. However, I work in Brentwood and didn't have any lunch today so I figured why not give it a try? Oh man am I glad that I decided to stop by!

The wait staff is friendly.  By signing up for a free Native Foods rewards card, I received a complimentary beverage. I chose the lavender lemonade. It was sweet without being overpowering and just yummy. It also came with free refills, though each refill comes in a plastic cup which I wasn't over the moon about.  I ordered the cup of chili and the voluptuous veggie pizza.  Man oh man, I can't get over how good each item was.  First the chili: it was the perfect ratio of beans to fake meat to onion to vegan sour cream. Sooo yummy that I practically licked the bowl clean.  It comes with a large chunk of cornbread, which I totally nibbled despite my corn allergy. It was a little dried out but inside was squishy and perfect. I only wish that I could actually eat corn without having intense allergic reactions!

Then the pizza showed up and it was amazing. The kale on top had a savory dressing so it was like a mini salad. Then the veggies were roasted and yummy with creamy pesto. The dough was great, so fluffy. A little oily (I admit I smeared oil fingers on my iPhone trying to take pictures) but I loved it. Everything was so good.  All this was only $16.03 with tip.  That's way less than Real Food Daily and several other vegan restaurants around town.  So I guess what I'm saying is if you live in LA, get in your car right now and head over to Native Foods. You will not be sorry.

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