Monday, June 21, 2010

Someone has a case of the Mondays

K in all seriousness I should be rejuvenated and proud of myself for my weekend, but instead I am just a tired mess.  Saturday Becca and I went to a pilates class at Pink Iron Gym.  They offered a special for 5 mat classes for $15 which is amazing. Becca's never done pilates. I've been twice so I knew a little better. Becca thought she was fine. I felt like throwing up (Note to self: Eat food before 9 am Saturday morning pilates class). After a short nap, I was in slight muscle agony but wisely drank many glasses of water. Meanwhile, Becca ignored my advice and drank coffee instead. Guess which one of us can walk today? Lol.

So Saturday was also a trip to Costco where they are now selling my favorite fake meat substitute Gardein. These chicken tenders are sooo delish! And now I can buy them by the 40 pack. I know I shouldn't eat so many frozen products but they're just so damn good.

Sunday was dedicated to reading scripts. Ah, the life of an assistant. Not only do we get paid little and work long hours, we are also expected to work on our off-time as well. I spent a couple of hours at Starbucks pondering my life and career while reading a comic book origin movie.  I then cooked up a huge batch of roasted root vegetables. Basically I just cut up all the things in my 'fridge. Brussell sprouts, golden and red beets, potatoes, parsnips, summer squash, zucchini, onions and some garlic. Yum yum yum. Today I ate an entire plateful along with my Dairy-free veggie pot pie. I can't help how much I love these as well, though I'm trying to cut back on the use of frozen entrees in my diet.

All in all, a pretty successful weekend. Tonight I'm taking Becca to renowned vegan favorite Shojin for vegan sushi. Perhaps I can purge the last living animal from my diet, although methinks Becca is having a hard time adjusting. She has no real reason to be vegan except as a weight-loss tool. I commend her for adventuring with me on this issue. But then again if she doesn't eat what I eat, then she doesn't eat at all and my baby is no good at foraging on her own. I am still particularly proud of her because she tries not to partake in anything non-vegan at work. I'm a bit worried about spending time with her family for holidays as I don't think they really understand it. Her mother was very sweet about trying to cut down on dairy while I visited last time.  We shall see. Both Becca and my mother will be here in a couple of weeks so I figure this is a trial run.

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