Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Technical difficulties

Ok, so I tried mobile blogging yesterday but sadly it did not work out so here it is. Last night (which is now 2 nights ago) I made dinner. Not the most nutritious thing I've ever cooked but I have a girlfriend with the tastes of a small child. She prefers grilled cheese to most anything so I relented and cooked up a Daiya grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries and sauteed veggies, all of which came from my CSA. There were brussell sprouts, bell peppers, bok choi, radishes, serreno peppers and more. She didn't really like the veggies much because it was too spicy (I used one small pepper) but happily dug into the rest. Here's a poor pic.

Tonight I have drinks with another assistant. Ah yes, the great "networking" people talk about. Basically just an excuse to drink beer on a Tuesday. So I'm not cooking tonight BUT I will be transferring my first herb transplant to a bigger pot. I grew basil out of seed. Out of the five herbs I've started this is the only real survivor but I'm really excited! Wish me luck.

Ok so now that it is today rather than yesterday, I can say that sadly I did not get around to transplanting the basil. Instead drinks ran long at the Village Idiot. I also ate fish, which was actually quite gross. I even dipped it in their gross homemade tarter sauce on accident before I realized what tarter sauce is made out of. Double gross! So this is the official first fall off the wagon. However, this morning I just dusted myself off and decided to take today as a whole new day. Wow that sounds like an AA meeting, right? Well anyway I had an Amy's Organics vegan, dairy free veggie pot pie for lunch. I could seriously eat those things every single day. I love them that much.

So I'm not sure what to make for dinner tonight but will check out my many vegan cookbooks in order to figure it out.  Cheers!

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