Monday, June 28, 2010


This weekend was jam packed for Becca and me. We had a thousand errands to run, some in the valley, some in Culver City so basically the gamut since we live on the East Side. However, I finally visited Surfas, which wasn't as large as I was led to believe. However, I did get the pine nuts necessary to make avocado pesto pasta, which I will make tonight. None of this is important of course. What is cool is that I finally got to try Meet Market.  Per, I chose to order the Reuben.  It was so incredibly delicious, although I'm not a huge Tofurky fan in general. The sauerkraut and beets were so good.

 Meanwhile Becca chose the "chicken salad" sandwich. It was quite possibly better than mine, although much much messier. You can see her fully enjoying it here. It was almost creepy how well the chicken was mimicked in this dish. It really tasted like chicken salad. The cool thing about the Meet Market, besides the fact that we got in and out for under $11 for both of us, is that they also carry an assortment of vegan products, like Daiya and Teese cheeses for cheaper than Whole Foods.  The girl behind the counter was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The best part was how comfortably full I felt. I wasn't stuffed but totally satiated.  An epic win in my book for the Meet Market. I will be going back for sure.

Today I ate at Native Foods again.  This is my third time since I discovered this place. It is really just that good. Each time I try to order something different and I've been rewarded each time. This is the first time that I didn't order chili in some form (by the bowl or over fries) but I felt like I needed to branch out. Today I chose the OC Raw Chopper Salad. The lemony dressing was the perfect accompaniment to the greens, cucumber, carrots, almonds, beets and sprouts. I splurged and also ordered the black beans, which were cooked to perfection. The entire meal was lovely and very complimentary.  Again walking out, I realized that I felt full but not overly so. I was satisfied. It's not three, almost four, hours later and I still feel happily filled. Of course this doesn't stop me from daydreaming about Chef Chole's avocado pesto pasta recipe that I will attempt tonight...

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