Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Thursday That Should Really Be Friday

 So I know that all assistants and other office drones often complain, "It feels like Friday." However, today truly does. The sun is shining in Los Angeles beckoning me outside.  There is even a farmer's market going on on my side of town from 3 to 7. Sadly I will never get to go because I work every night until 7 at least. This is not a full-fledged complaint, just a fact. Anyway I would love if this were Friday because I could prepare my shopping lists for the week as I am starting to meal plan. Of course I could still work on my lists but it just doesn't have the same fun since I know it will be another two days before I get to actually buy anything.

Last night Becca and I attended the Grease Sing-A-Long at the Arclight Theatre. Usually I avoid this theatre because while it's cool to have assigned seating, the hefty price tag for a show isn't usually worth it. But alas one of the joys of being a Hollywood assistant is meeting other lowly assistants that can hook you up. A lovely girl put us on the list and even walked us ahead of the line to get our tickets and wristbands. Unfortunately the moment we stepped up for our free drink, they shut down the bar. Nevertheless, it was a rocking good time to sing to my favorites from the movie (namely Rizzo's solo number).

Afterward we walked to Chan Darae for some grub. We didn't realize that it was their anniversary so they were offering 15% off the bill and 50% off drinks after the first one. Becca and I only need so much prompting to have a couple of rounds so I got a lychee martini and she got some beer. I ordered the red curry after making sure it was vegan. It was good, not great but I'm eating the leftovers at work as I type.

The problem with last night is that I still haven't transplanted my little basil plant. It probably hates me by now. I need to take a picture of my newly acquired EarthBox. I am growing (or attempting to) peppers, which I transplanted as seedlings. I have six, which is more than recommended but I plan to thin them out when I see which ones do the best. I also planted beets and bunching onions. I have a second EarthBox still in its box, which I will plant bush beans, snap peas and maybe some lettuce. Still not quite sure. I wanted to do brussell sprouts. But honestly I'm not sure how great any of it will grow due to the fact that summer is heating up. Technically you're supposed to sow seeds in spring but whatever. I'm trying them now to see what, if anything, I can keep alive.

So that's it so far. I'm looking out my sunny window at the office hoping that today goes by quickly so that it actually is Friday. I am going out tonight with one of my old office mates. She just recently got a job working for a producer on a show, which is amazing and an awesome achievement. Best of all, she is also vegan and excited to hit up Real Food Daily with me in WeHo. I've only been there once and ordered all wrong. I chose the Reuben with the hopes that it would taste something like its namesake. It was the very beginning of my first 30 day vegan stint and it turned me off to trying many things, namely tempeh and seiten. I'm going to try some recommended dishes by quarygirl (if you don't read her blog do so immediately) and see if they can change my mind.

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