Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brussel Sprout Hash and Curried Tofu with Wilted Spinach

I just have to talk about my dinner (and leftovers lunch) last night.  It was AMAZING.  The picture here does not do it justice.

I really loved this so very much that I may have overstuffed myself (twice)!  I got the recipes from Appetite For Reduction.  The first is the Brussel Sprout Hash, which is basically potato and brussel sprouts seasoned to loveliness.  I wish that I had a proper lid for my skillet. I think the results would have been even better but for serious, this was delish.  I also modified the Scrambled Curry Tofu with Wilted Arugula, mostly because I only had spinach.  This also turned out magnificently.  I even felt like a proper cook weighing out and chopping ingredients beforehand so when it came time to mix, everything was in its own glass bowl just waiting. I also (somehow) managed to have both recipes come out at the exact same time!  It was a fantastic night for cooking.

If you're interested in more recipes like this, check out the Post Punk Kitchen.  It is full of fantastic advice and recipes about veganism.  Isa Chandra Moskowitz totally rocks my world.  Tonight I'm going to yoga and will not be cooking, but I already roasted some butternut squash and have EVERY intention of making her creamy Coconut Butternut Squash Rice.  Here's to another beautiful day in La La Land.

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