Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture

Ok, so tonight is supposedly the beginning of the end.  The Rapture is supposed to take place I hear around 11 pm PST or possibly 6 pm tomorrow.  I'm a little bit hazy on the details.  Honestly all this talk freaks me out.  I mean, what if we all made fun of it and suddenly all these people started disappearing and ascending?  It reminds me of a Stephen King novel and he scares the shit out of me (except when he guest writes for EW).  So I decided that maybe I should write a blog post about my thoughts if this is really the end, and a reminder of what I want if it's not.

First of all, I love Becca very much and miss her while she's having her bachelor party in NYC.  I wish she was beside me.  Secondly, if this is really the end, I'm bummed because I just got into a new spiritual practice.  I am a lapsed Catholic.  Or rather my parents sent me to Catholic school as a child and rebelled as quickly as humanely possible, but those notions were still drilled into my head.  Now I've started meditating and practicing yoga.  It feels so good and slowly but surely I believe that I am freeing up some energy.  I've been writing again!  That excites me because it's been awhile and I would like to take advantage of the creativity.  I believe that it is true that what you think becomes you.  One of my mantras is that I am open to all creativity and here it is.

What else? What else?  I guess I love my family and hope that should this really be the end, well I'm glad that I'm vegan and hope to carry my compassion even further because this is all silly and the world is not ending.  Love to all!

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