Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3

So it's a little after 6 and I'm trying to get through my Creamed Broccoli soup. Unfortunately I added waaaaaay too much parsley in an attempt to eat through it before it goes bad.  This tastes like Creamed Parsley soup.  That coupled with the fact that the Whole Foods Juicing Woman also added too much parsley to my juice today makes me a cranky girl indeed.

So this morning I made apple (granny smith and gala), pear, broccoli stalk (left over from soup), 1/2 cucumber, 1 celery stalk juice.  It was light and tasty and just fine.  I drank it down while I did my hair.  I only wish I could clean my Jack LaLanne Juicer was as quick and easy to clean as it is for me to polish off the delicious juice.  I took my digestive enzyme and Inner Cleanse.

Then I stayed on schedule for my Green Drink, Berry Drink and water count. However, I decided to stray away from the VegeSplash.  I'm sorry but I just don't like how sweet it is.  I would much rather just taste the veggie taste instead.  However, I got a scolding by Dr. Roni about it so I will go back to drinking it.  Instead I made my 2 mile walk to Whole Foods and got a Green Giant with beets added.  It was very pretty, but tasted like parsley.

On the whole, I feel good today. I slept well last night, having a strange dream in which I was living inside the movie Crybaby and had a wicked beehive hairdo.  I think I may have even made out with Johnny Depp so that's aces.  I woke up with a slight headache that has stayed with me all day, settling on the bridge of my nose, but it's nothing I can't handle and/or ignore. I am noticing that my back muscles are very stiff, almost flu-like.  Again, I tell myself that sometimes you have to feel bad in order to heal.  I also have the mantra, "I am not eating for my palate, I am eating for my health."  This seems to be helping me as I choke down my latest concoction.  I'm not sure what kind of soup I will be making for tomorrow but think that I will try my own version.  There just aren't enough recipes in the book and I'm still a little unclear on what's ok to eat and what isn't.  For instance, I was told not to eat red pepper but can eat cayenne pepper.  Are onions ok? I know that garlic and ginger is so where does that leave me?  I will be safe of course.

Oh and on another sad note, my teapot has officially died.  It's one of those super old school ones from the '70's that I stole from my mother.  Alas, the bottom has become so thin that it is leaking and for some reason, the sides kinda' caught fire last night and scorched the whole thing.  RIP dear teapot.  Now I must buy another, perhaps something along the lines of this!

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  1. Keep up the great work! It sounds like you're kicking butt and getting along really well.