Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5

Ok, so today will be my final day of the detox.  I woke up this morning worse than ever before. My head was killing me, my stomach was upset.  I decided to stop taking the Inner Cleanse because lots of people have trouble with it.  However, I still vomited up my juice and could do nothing more than go to sleep.  I walked downstairs to work out but just going down two flights of stairs made my heart pound like I'd run a marathon.  I thought I would faint. I think that this detox is no longer safe for me to continue.  Plus, Becca just about force fed me out of sheer worry.

So I had a protein shake this morning. I chose vanilla and it was actually pretty good.  Otherwise I stayed mostly on track. I could barely get through the soup though. It made me nauseous to even smell it.  So I ate some but not all.

I am disappointed that I didn't make it the full 7 days, but my body obviously wanted something very different.  Annemarie Colbin says that it's dangerous for people to push their bodies just to stay on track so I'm taking that advice to heart.  She says that you should always ask your body, "Is this OK or not OK."  This morning I knew that it was NOT OK. So I leave my detox with a mild sense of regret at my failure but knowing that I did well for the 5 days I've stayed on track.  I will still break my detox properly with raw veggies tomorrow and slowly moving up to beans and rice, which is all that I've wanted since I started this detox.

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